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About Us

     Dingsheng is a HR service company which consists of departments of Executive Search (Headhunting), Training, Human Resource Assessment, Business Consulting and Strategy. Our clients are satisfied with our sincerity, and efficiency and responsibility. We are hunting high-caliber talents, evaluating cadidants and recommendation for our clients. In addition, our company are seeking good opportunities for advanced elites. Hoping for hunting qualified talent, our company set up the professional net which is contacted to all vocational fields.
Sharing suceed:
Dingsheng executive research Ltd. is commitited to become a professional and internationalized HR (human resource) service company.
We hope to set up a long-term cooperation with clients, which is basised on the good faith. According to "sevice for clients, supported by talents and improve self", we put a high premium on brand and success ratio.
Employment by commanding the talent’s qualifications.
Professional process:
leading in CIPP-Context, input, process,product systerm. building up the qualification test for marketing, accantant, research, merchandising, manufacture, management and so on.
Professional evaluating candidates by the qualification from clients
Large-scale talent net: up to date of talent resources
Having business relationship with vocational, geverment media orgenizations and MBA colleges.
Extending the channels for telant's information searching
The customer is king:
Service pattern:
practising ULK project management operational process, offering the entirely employing solutions for clients.
Our team:
owing professional knowladge HR as project managers, who lead searching department, veteran headhunting consultants and serior investigators.
Service coverages:
Beijing city, Shanghai city, Hongkang city, Taiwan province, Hangzhou city, Ningbo city, Ximen city etc.
Our qualifications:
1.large-scale cooperational relationships
we have close relationship with geverment HR, labor orgernizations, educational department and business commities. Join in international headhunting company's union.
2.veteran interviewers
coming from veteran companties, famous college, HR orgernizations and experts on HR. in order to select ideal talent, they support us by condadites.
3.veteran headhunting consultants
Dingsheng virtal stuff own outstanding qualifications and rich experences on headhunting. Our company is famous. Many workers moved from famous international headhunting companies. Therefore, our business is booming
4.Logical work flow:
guaranteeing that our presentation is true and qualified by the logical work flow.
Our service aims: 
enhance the level of management and suceed for personal career on account of our high qualified service.
realty industries, fabricated industries, Electronic Industries, software industries, retail trade, software trade, financial business, logistic trade and IT trads.

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