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· Dingsheng Headhunter cooperated with ChinaHR.com.
· Job interview challenges (see newspaper July 8)
· 17 kinds of efficient hiring methods
· The new leave program dismantling May 1 Golden Week
· It is said that chief executives of HP joined Dell, China.
· "Five Strokes" for Multinational companies introduction the talents
· Mainland enterprises lack the brand awareness
· China Human Resources Consulting Industry Analysis
· The world's most competitive Chinese enterprises released
· Lenovo achieved effective recruitment under the help of TalentLink
· Nuoxi in China President said that R & D staff will be expanded
· Global CEO coming five top Chinese monopolize
· Interviewing skills for senior positions candidates
· Yang Zhiyuan felt lonely as Yahoo CEO
· Asia IT employees an average annual salary of the lowest
· Job qualification management is not just engaged in idle theorizing(10/25)

   Dingsheng is a HR service company which consists of departments of Executive Search (Headhunting), Training, Human Resource Assessment, Business Consulting and Strategy. Our clients are satisfied with our sincerity, and efficiency and responsibility. We are hunting high-caliber talents, evaluating cadidants and recommendation for our clients. In addition, our company are seeking good opportunities for advanced elites. Hoping for hunting qualified talent, our company set up the professional net which is contacted to all vocational fields.
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Dingsheng executive research Ltd. is commitited to become a professional and internationalized HR (human resource) service company.
We hope to set up a long-term cooperation with clients, which is basised on the good faith. According to "sevice for clients, supported by talents and improve self", we put a high premium on brand and success ratio.
Employment by commanding the talent’s qualifications........

· Headhunting Assistant ( Interview )
· Hospital Director ( Interview )
· Project Manager (New energy) ( 15-40 million )
· Technical Director (New energy) ( 15-40 million )
· Financial Controller ( 15-40 million )
· General Manager (New Energy) ( 25-50 million )
· General Manager in Germany ( 20-50 )
· Production Director (New energy) ( 15-40 million )
· Real Estate Chief Engineer ( Interview )
· Real Estate Financial Officer ( Interview )
· Office Director ( Interview )
· Knitting Foreign Trade General Manager ( Interview )
· Die Casting General Manager ( 40-50 million )
· Senior Mechanical Technician ( 15-20 million )
· Regional Director for the Central Air Conditioning ( 15-25 million )

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