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Personnel Assessment

    Human resources management is an important aspect of enterprise management containing tap talents and rational use of personnel.which become an important foundation of the survival and development of enterprises. Employment by understanding of the people. Therefore, personnel evaluation is effective human resources management prerequisites. At this stage, the staff was commonly used evaluation methods (such as simple interviews, resumes and inspection work experience, knowledge examinations, etc.).
Show the following limitations:
1. To obtain information on the main and are difficult to obtain deep information;
2. To evaluate the existing level mainly difficult to evaluate the development potentiality;
3. Description of the main on qualitative aspect,  lack of a scientific tool to evaluate quantitative aspact;
4. Depend on subjective experience, the lack of objective evaluation criteria;
There is a method to help you overcome these deficiencies
Talent assessment—as a CEO or HR manager, Talent assessment will help you fully understand the current level. Not only help us understanding talent's current level but also his protential development. Talent will find the most suitble position, and be offered most suitable partner for him.
Personnel assessment is based on modern psychological science and science-based managerment. Through the psychological measurement, simulated scenarios and so on to measure and evaluate candidates in order to explore candidates'psychological situation, development potentiality and other informations which cannot be receive from other methods. We support valuable reference imformation to enterprises employing people, selections, education and other HR managerment development work. As a professional human resources consulting firm, we survey the main line to personnel services for the management of enterprise decision-making scientific and effective basis.
According to the needs of enterprises, we provide the following services:
General quality Test Battery > candidates selective sorting>inverstigation of candidates matching the status of staff positions > evaluation on basic quality of talent and development potentiality >proposals for talents’ development
The selection and promotion areas:
Evaluation on basic quality of talent and development potential > talents promoted selective sorting>proposals talents'development
Team compositional analysis:
Individual and team personnel coordination> team status analysis and diagnosis> proposals for team development
Human resources census areas: corporate human resources evaluation of the overall situation> enterprises with the potential development potential of the talent identification.

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