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Headhunting Services
    Professional headhunting service

    Dingsheng headhunting service is the key to its headhunting process control system. Through strict control of the process, achieve the ultimate goal of quality. Dingsheng headhunting business process is divided into three phases: preparation phase, searched for a stage, recommended phase. For a complete business process generally not more than three months
First, a period of great prosperity with customers headhunting a preliminary communication, understanding customer's initial demand for the recruitment, judging by the needs of clients whether the job needs of the way through headhunting operation. Initially introduced to customers that Dingsheng headhunting service's basic policy, standard fees, service processes and characteristics.
Secondly, the Dingsheng headhunting consultants and customer contact and sufficient communication, in-depth understanding of the details of the client companies, such as corporate culture, operating conditions, organizational structure, development strategy, management style, thorough understanding of customer needs by the remuneration of the posts, job duties, technical quality can requirements and career development prospects. Customers identify with a "Position specification."
Dingsheng headhunting consultants communicate with clients for deep understanding each other. Dingsheng will demand customers to finish a the post - pre-survey, in order to determine the degree of difficulty and time visiting, as well as the feasibility of the project as a whole headhunting.
In the above-mentioned work is completed, a period of great prosperity with headhunting fees, and other items related specific issues and conditions for consultations, and reached consensus,then the client and Dingsheng signed the contract.
After an agreement with the customer, it has begun to enter a period of great prosperity headhunting formal searched for a stage. The first step selected searched for a range
First, in accordance with customer requirements identified searched for a range of jobs. Usually through two channels, one is Dingsheng flourishing senior headhunter bank, the other is the analysis of the whole industry, from industry to look for relevant. Commissioned on some major projects, and make the industry research report.
Dingsheng headhunting candidates search for the target, will first determine a Target Pool, in our view that the most likely target enterprises and objectives included in the candidate list of our own look for List, the general objective will be between 40-100.
Dingsheng headhunting has thousands of HR managers connections, sources of information is very extensive, these channels of information to its Dingsheng headhunting provide very accurate and valuable information. This phase concentrated embodiment of the professional headhunting service level, this is a period of great prosperity headhunting different from the ordinary headhunting company advantage.
Preliminary Screening
In determining the target search, the search will be a period of great prosperity through various means, the objective of the background for a preliminary investigation to determine their qualifications of the general reliability, and contact with them, understand the situation and quit candidate's intention. For not a suitable candidate quickly ruled out, according to the different positions commissioned by the generally left about 20-30 candidates for the next phase of talks.
Dingsheng headhunter consultants will selecte suitable interviewer from the candidates, and maintain close contact with the candidates, the candidates further grasp the situation. At the same time to allow candidates to get to know the customer and large headhunters, candidates for the trust for the next phase of work.
In some cases, if necessary and possible, a period of great prosperity headhunting will try to persuade candidates receive relevant professional interviews and evaluation.
At this stage, a period of great prosperity headhunting maintain close communication with clients, to keep the look for the briefing to clients.
After contact with the candidates several times, identify potential candidates recommended to the customer (3-5). Dingsheng headhunting will initially qualified candidates preliminary background checks, a better understanding of the situation of the general authenticity of the candidates, who recommended client through preliminary background checks of candidates.

When the Dingsheng headhunting confirmed number of suitable candidates, the evaluation report and the information of the candidates will be provided to clients, clients sought the views of the arrangements for the candidates to meet with customers. Dingsheng headhunting according to the requirements of customers the next phase of work.
In-depth background checks
For customers through preliminary interviews of candidates, according to "background investigation program," an in-depth background investigation. Background investigation report will be objective and impartial, and truthfully reflect the candidates to customers details of the occupational history, and as a customer next interview, and observation of reference for the candidates.
In-depth interviews
Clients and candidates will meet at least twice more, even more than ten times for interviews and tests; Customers will test the candidates for more in-depth understanding of customers like to visit and meet different people and so on;
During this period, a period of great prosperity headhunting consultant stands ready to maintain communication with the parties, and continuously coordinate the position of the parties and has endeavored to make the two sides to reach a consensus.
The two sides both of clients and cadidate reach a consensus in basic circumstances to begin substantive discussions steps, the two sides mainly recognized basic rights and obligations, such as the candidate's remuneration, there is a basic salary, bonuses, subsidies, holidays, insurance, housing, transportation, stocks, options, etc.,, as well as enterprises seeking candidates are required to reach the goals and other requirements. Consultant will coordinate between two sides.
If a consensus candidate with customers, the two sides signed a contract. Dingsheng's work shall be completed. Of course, a period of great prosperity headhunting will ensure that customers have a trial period, usually three to six months.
Tracking service
Dingsheng headhunting will cost 3 months to track and understand the positions of candidates in the new work, in order to keep abreast of the candidates and promptly eliminating misunderstanding, and its own evaluation of the work.
Price Table (RMB measurement)

Annual salary minimum standards
More than 500,000 yuan

Less than 200,000 yuan


General mamager

Senior management
Senior technical staff The scarcity of professional and technical personnel

Middle management
Senior staff
Business, technology major staff

commission standards

The annual salary of 30% or more

The annual salary of 25-30%

The actual annual salary of 20% -25%

guarantee period


Note: follow the industry standard fees, while service jobs specifically requested by the commission to adjust.

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